How to Create an Overlay in Corel Draw

By Carol Adams

Use CorelDraw to create transparent overlays.
i border/business graphic -4 color graphic with copyspace image by Andrew Brown from

CorelDraw is one of the major vector graphics programs available. It has an array of tools and functions that help the graphic artist create graphics for any number of projects. The tools and functions can be a bit daunting to someone coming to CorelDraw from a raster-based program like Photoshop. For example, creating a transparent overlay in Photoshop is a matter of adjusting layer opacity levels directly. In CorelDraw things work a bit differently. But once you know the technique, it is surprisingly quick and easy.

Open CorelDraw. Select "File" from the menu and choose "Open." In the dialog, choose a file you would like to add an overlay image to and open it.

Select "File" from the menu and choose "Import." In the dialog that appears, browse to the image file you want to use as the overlay and open it. Position it where you want it on the canvas.

Select the image object you just imported. Go to the tool palette on the left and hold down the left mouse button on the fifth button from the bottom. From the options that appear, choose "Transparency." In the tools options at the top, change the mode from "Linear" to "Uniform."

Drag the Tool across the image selection. It will become transparent. Save your work.