How to Create Opening Theater Curtains in Flash

by Greg Brian

Add an opening and closing theater curtain to any Flash movie to create an effective introduction and closing. It’s simple to implement and adds a little animated realism to the movie.

Downloading Opening Curtains File


Download the opening curtain zip file (see Resource 1). Unzip the file and click on the file called CurtainOpening.mxp.


Look for the program Adobe Extension Manager on your desktop. Open the program and go into File to open the unzipped opening curtain file.


Follow the directions on how to install the unzipped opening curtain file onto your computer.

Placing File into Your Flash Movie


Start your Adobe Flash program. Open the file containing your Flash movie through the "File" and "Open" options.


Go to the upper menu and click on Windows. Pick the Components option, open its panel and find the MTool Components folder. Use the drag and drop method by dragging the component titled CurtainsOpening down to the Flash stage. You’ll see the curtains appear in the Flash stage area.


Press Control at top menu. Click on the Test Movie option to watch the curtains open and close.


Move back up to the top menu and select Windows again. Choose the Components Inspector option and open its control panel. Study the Components Inspector control panel and you’ll see ways to set up a timed method to open and close the curtains at specific intervals.


Set the time panel to open the curtain before your Flash movie begins and close after your movie fades to black.

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