How to Create a Newsletter Using Fireworks

by Charles Carswell

Adobe Fireworks is an excellent package for creating web content and can also be used for some desktop creations, including newsletters and brochures. Because Fireworks is a vector-based graphics application, the images created are scalable and can be ported to many other packages, both web-based and print. Newsletters can be in various sizes although the standard for most is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. By creating the newsletter in Fireworks, you also have the ability to convert it to a PDF.


Launch Adobe Fireworks. Open a new document (Ctrl+N), and choose a size. The standard size for newsletters is usually 612 px by 792 px (8.5 inches by 11.0 inches).


Choose a font from the menu "Text > Font." The heading (masthead) is going to be the largest of the text on the page.


Choose a size for your newsletter heading from the menu, "Text > Size." A size of 48 works well to start although you can reduce or enlarge it later.


With the text still selected, in the Properties dialog box, choose a color for your font. See Tip 4a for more color options.


Select the Rectangle tool from the Tools menu bar. (Type letter "U" on the keypad).


Choose the text and font you will be using. You can do this by clicking "Type > Font" from the Menu and selecting the font style you wish to use. This should be the type logo and associated subheadings for your front cover magazine.


Select the Pointer Tool from the Tools menu to vary the chosen font effects, and click on the heading.


Choose the Scale option from the Tools menu (Click letter "Q" on the keypad). This will enable you to re-size the type as large as you wish. Add additional smaller type for subheadings as preferred. You are now ready to add the body of type to your newsletter.


Select the Text Tool (letter "T") from the Tools menu. Hold the left mouse button and create a text box by dragging the cursor to form a square. This is where you will enter the content of your newsletter. See Tip 9a.


Type the newsletter content into the text box or paste it in from another source. The text box will fill as you type and you can use the Selection Tool to drag and re-size the content.


Bring your photos or images to the document by dragging the selection into the new document or use the Import command from the File drop-down options on the menu. Once the selection is inserted, you can re-size or re-position your image.


  • check 4a: You can give your type a gradient color by clicking the Fill Option in the Properties menu and selecting "Fill Options." Choose Linear or Radial for a color effect.
  • check 9a: The text boxes can be easily re-sized and moved to accommodate graphics and other images in the newsletter.

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