How to Create a New Wave Email Account

By Faizah Imani

When you subscribe to New Wave Communications as your high speed Internet Service Provider, one of the features you receive is that you can create five New Wave email accounts. One email account is automatically assigned to you, as the primary account holder, when you sign up for the services. You can easily setup the four remaining email accounts whenever are ready to do so.

Visit the New Wave Communications "My Account" page by clicking on the link that has been provided in the "References" section of this article.

Click on the "My Account Login" option that is located near the top right side of the page.

Type the primary New Wave Communications email address and password that was assigned to you when you signed up for the New Wave services. Click the "Login" button.

Click on the "Email Center" tab on the left hand side of the page. Click "Manage Accounts." Select the option to "Add Account."

Enter all of the information for your new email account, such as the desired email address and password.

Click the "Add Account" link at the bottom of the window. You can now begin using the account by logging out and logging back in with the new email address and password. Note that the secondary email accounts will not display the administrative features after logging, only email features.