How to Create a New Facebook Profile Picture From Multiple Images

By RS Wagner

Arrange images on layers in PhotoShop for easier editing.
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One picture is worth a thousand words. Combined images have the power to say a whole lot more. Expand the "vocabulary" of your Facebook profile pic by jazzing up your profile with the different sides of your personality by create a photo collage from multiple images. Choose from tried-and-true software, such as Adobe PhotoShop or Google's Picassa, Windows Live Photo Gallery Auto Collage or select an app for online photo editing from one of the many apps on Facebook.


Step 1

Open PhotoShop. Choose "File," then "New" or press "CTRL + N" in Windows or "CMD + N" on a Mac creating a new page.

Step 2

Choose "File" then "Open." Hold down the mouse button to select several images, then press "Okay." Adjust the image size according to the scale you want each photo by selecting "Image," then "Image Size." Set the resolution of each image to 72 dots per inch or "dpi." Choose "Okay. "Navagate to "Image," then "Mode." Choose "RGB."

Step 3

Open the "Layers Panel" by choosing "Window," then "Layers." Drag the first image on to the PhotoShop artboard. Create a new layer by choosing the "New Layer" icon at the bottom of the "Layers Palette." Continue to drag all the images to the artboard one at a time, creating a new layer for each image.

Step 4

Double click each layer and rename the layer so you can keep track of each image. Select the first layer. Choose "File" then "Edit." Place the image in the desired position. Eliminate the background, if desired, by using the "Magic Wand" tool located on the "Tool" bar. Select the areas you want to keep by holding down "Shift." Use the "Eraser" tool by clicking on the tool and then holding and dragging the mouse button across the area you would like to remove.

Step 5

Select the "Blur" tool, hold down the mouse button and run the tool around the outer edges of the cut-out image to blur the edges. Repeat the process for each layer.

Step 6

Select all the layers by holding the "Shift" key then clicking each layer. Choose "Layers" from the menu at the top of the screen. Select "Merge Layers." Select the "Layers" option again and select "Flatten Image."

Step 7

Pick "File" from the menu. Choose "Save for Web and Devices." Choose where to save the file on your hard drive. Select the resolution for .jpg and choose the quality. Select "Okay."


Step 1

Download Picassa from Google. From the "Library" select the folder you would like to use for the collage. Choose the images by holding down "Shift" then clicking each image. Choose "Create" from the menu at the top of the page. Select "Picture Collage."

Step 2

Under the "Settings" Tab pick the type of collage: "Picture Pile," "Mosaic," "Grid," "Contact Sheet" or "Multiple Exposure." Set borders, add drop shadows, a caption, shadows and highlights and frame type where applicable.

Step 3

Click "Create Collage." Adjust the collage as necessary with the selections to the right. Add "Tags" if desired and save to the hard drive.

Windows Photo Gallery

Step 1

Use Windows Live Photo Gallery "Auto Collage" tool for combining photos for Facebook. Select "Create" from the top menu bar.

Step 2

Choose the orientation style by selecting from "Portrait" or "Landscape." Highlight seven or more images, then press the "Auto Collage" button. Choose the style of collage.

Step 3

Add "Tags" to your photo montage. Save your new image. Under the "Publish" section, press the Facebook icon at the top of the page. Sign in to Windows Live, then Facebook. Upload your new image.

Facebook Apps

Step 1

In the "Bookmark" section on your "Timeline," click the "App Center" icon.

Step 2

Click the "More" link, then click "App Center." Choose "Photos and Videos." Select an app from the list.

Step 3

Download the app to your Facebook account. Follow the instruction per each individual application.