How to Create a Nested Webpage

by Brandy Alexander

Nested Web pages present content from one website in the main body of another; in effect, it's a page within a page. Use a nested Web page when you need to present information from another page to your site's visitors but you don't want them to leave your website in order to do this. Create a nested page with the HTML code iframe tag in your usual text editor or Web design software.

Step 1

Launch your text editor and open a Web page document.

Step 2

Place your cursor in the area where you want the nested Web page to appear and type in the “” tag at the end of the entry to complete the code.

Preview your work in a browser window and save your file when done.


About the Author

Brandy Alexander has been writing professionally since 2001. She is a glass artist with a Web design and technical writing background. Alexander runs her own art-glass business and has been a contributor to "Glass Line Magazine" as well as various online publications.

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