How to Create Mouseovers in Adobe Acrobat

by Heather Wilkins
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Released in October 2012, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro includes the FormsCentral desktop app that helps you create PDF or Web forms quickly. You can start from a blank document or customize one of Adobe's professionally designed templates. Adding pop-up text to fields helps your users fill out forms and enhances the form's accessibility.

Step 1

Click "Forms" in the Tool pane and click "Create."

Step 2

Click "From Scratch or Template" and "Launch." The FormsCentral desktop app opens.

Step 3

Click "Create a Blank Form" to start from scratch, or click "Start With a Template" to use one of Adobe's templates. If you decide to start with a template, browse to the template you would like to use and click "New Form."

Step 4

Create a new field on a blank document by selecting a field from the Form Element panel. Click the new field or an existing one to display the Field Properties box.

Click "Include Help Text" in the Field Properties box. Type in the text you want to appear when the user hovers his mouse over the field.


  • These steps apply to Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. Steps may vary for other versions.


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