How to Create Mouseovers in Adobe Acrobat (5 Steps)

By Heather Wilkins

Simplify filling out PDF forms by adding help text.
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Released in October 2012, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro includes the FormsCentral desktop app that helps you create PDF or Web forms quickly. You can start from a blank document or customize one of Adobe's professionally designed templates. Adding pop-up text to fields helps your users fill out forms and enhances the form's accessibility.

Step 1

Click "Forms" in the Tool pane and click "Create."

Step 2

Click "From Scratch or Template" and "Launch." The FormsCentral desktop app opens.

Step 3

Click "Create a Blank Form" to start from scratch, or click "Start With a Template" to use one of Adobe's templates. If you decide to start with a template, browse to the template you would like to use and click "New Form."

Step 4

Create a new field on a blank document by selecting a field from the Form Element panel. Click the new field or an existing one to display the Field Properties box.

Step 5

Click "Include Help Text" in the Field Properties box. Type in the text you want to appear when the user hovers his mouse over the field.