How to Create a Hotspot in Microsoft Office Word Image

by Cooper Temple
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Primarily a word processing program, Microsoft's Word has many features in addition to those used to edit text. One feature is the ability to create hotspots, or hyperlinks, to other files or web pages. Hotspots may be created from text, images or other objects. You can use the tools in Word to create a hotspot using an image in Eord by following a few steps.

Step 1

Launch Word and open the document that contains the image you want to use as a hotspot.

Step 2

Highlight the image with which you want to create a hotspot. Click the "Insert" tab and locate the "Links" section. Click the "Hyperlink" option. This action will open a separate pop-up window.

Select the "Existing File or Web Page" option in the "Link to" section. Enter the address for the Web page to which you want to link. Click the "Look in" menu to locate an existing file to which you want to link. Click the "OK" button to complete the process of creating a hotspot for the selected image.


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