How to Create Meta Tags

by Contributor

Meta tags are used by a webpage designer to put any information into the header and content of their web pages. The most common types of meta tags are the title tag, keyword tag and the description tag. The information that you provide for these tags will affect how your webpage will appear in search engine results.

Write a title that is between 6 to 10 words. A title meta tag needs to be a certain length in order for search engine optimization to occur.

Pick at least three keywords or keyword phrases for your content. The keyword meta tags must suit the content of the site and be sprinkled throughout the body of the piece.

Create a short description for your content that is no longer than 200 characters. Use any keywords that you have chosen in the description.

Complete other meta tags. There are additional meta tags that you can create, including author, channel and date meta tags. However, most of these are ignored by search engines.

Use an online meta tag generator. If you are having trouble creating your own meta tags, there are several websites that will perform this task for you at no cost.


  • check Be aware that search engines can change the text found in your meta tags. Google is known for generating its own description of a webpage.
  • check You will not have your page indexed by search engines if you utilize the robots meta tag.

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