How to Create Mailing Labels in Microsoft Word

by Oscar Sanchez

Microsoft Word offers numerous options and functions to help you create and design documents of all types. One of the additional components Microsoft Word offers is the ability to make mailing labels. Creating and printing mailing labels from your computer can reduce the process of having to write addresses on each envelope being mailed. Microsoft Word's label-making component is compatible with many brands of labels so all you will need to know is the product number.


Open Microsoft Word 2010 and create a new document if one hasn't already been created. You can create a new document by clicking "File" then "New."


Click the "Mailings" tab, then "Labels." The "Envelopes and Labels" window will open.


Type the address you wish to use on your labels in the address box. Choose if you want a whole sheet of the same label or just a single label printed in the "Print" section.


Click the "Options..." button near the middle bottom section of the window to choose the labels to which you want to print. Under "Label Information" select the brand of labels you are using in the drop-down box. Under "Product Number" select the product number of the labels you are using and then click "OK."


Click "New Document" to create a new page of labels. If you are only printing a single label, the new document option will not be available. To print just a single label, click the "Print" button in the lower left-hand side of the window.


Insert the label sheet in your printer. Print the newly created label document by clicking "File," then "Print." Choose your printer and click "Print."

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