How to Create a Mail Button

by Bennett Gavrish

HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is the primary type of coding used to design Web pages. With the "mailto" element in HTML, you can set up a link on your website that will prompt visitors to send an email to a specified address when they click on it. In addition, by connecting your "mailto" element to a small image, you can create an HTML button that will function as an email link.


Find the image you want to use for your email button and save it onto your active Web server. Make note of the image's exact file name and location, because you will need to reference it later.


Open the HTML code of your Web page in a Web editing application such as Adobe Dreamweaver.


Insert your text cursor in the area of the HTML code where you want to add the email button.


Type "" into the HTML code.


Replace "" with the email address you want to use and "" with the exact file name and location of the image you found in Step 1.


Save your Web page's HTML code. Now when visitors view your page, they will be able to click on the email icon to send a message to the specified address.

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