How to Create a Letter in Microsoft Word 2007

By Julia Michelle

Microsoft Office has a variety of templates which make letter writing quick and easy. Some of the templates were created by Microsoft, while others were contributed by Microsoft Office community members and affiliates. Microsoft offers specialized and generic templates which take some of the guesswork out of formatting and font choices. Some templates also include graphic elements and designs, for a more professional look.

Step 1

Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. You will need an Internet connection in order to access the templates from Microsoft Office Online.

Step 2

Launch Microsoft Word, click on the "Office" button and select "New." The new document screen will open with a list of template styles on the left . Scroll down and select "Letters," and the right side of the screen should populate with a list of letter styles.

Step 3

Select the type of letter you want to create. The template window should now show a series of templates in thumbnail form.

Step 4

Click on the desired template. If you chose a community template, the system will prompt you to accept the Community License Agreement. The template will download to Microsoft Word and automatically open.

Step 5

Fill in the template. The template has areas in brackets where you can fill in your name, address and other information. Click on the brackets to highlight the field and enter your information.

Step 6

Write your letter. Some templates are pre-written--you can keep the existing wording, use it as a guideline, or delete it and write your own. To write your own, highlight the existing text and start typing.