How to Create ISO From Video_Ts and Audio_Ts

By Suman Medda

DVD players can play only DVD media written in a specific format.
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The classic Video DVD format consists of two folders, titled VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. If you have these two folders on your computer, someone has used a simple copy-paste command to transfer the content of a video disc to the memory of your computer. To play the video content on an external DVD player, you will need to create a burnable ISO image that you can transfer to one or several empty discs.

Download and install ISO creation software. Three options are provided (see Resources).

Run the program and choose the type of media you want to burn from the list. In this case, you are going to select DVD.

Select "Image Recorder" when asked to choose your preferred drive to enable the software to write to a regular ISO file instead of a physical disc. When you select "Image Recorder," the software will prompt you for a destination location. Choose any desired folder.

Select the VIDEO_TS folder from your computer and add it to the workspace. The AUDIO_TS folder is actually a blank placeholder and is not needed for the process.

Press the "Burn" button. Wait for the progress bar to reach its end. This usually will take up to a few minutes. The ISO file will be created in the destination folder.