How to Create ISO From Video_Ts and Audio_Ts

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The classic Video DVD format consists of two folders, titled VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS. If you have these two folders on your computer, someone has used a simple copy-paste command to transfer the content of a video disc to the memory of your computer. To play the video content on an external DVD player, you will need to create a burnable ISO image that you can transfer to one or several empty discs.

Step 1

Download and install ISO creation software. Three options are provided (see Resources).

Step 2

Run the program and choose the type of media you want to burn from the list. In this case, you are going to select DVD.

Step 3

Select "Image Recorder" when asked to choose your preferred drive to enable the software to write to a regular ISO file instead of a physical disc. When you select "Image Recorder," the software will prompt you for a destination location. Choose any desired folder.

Step 4

Select the VIDEO_TS folder from your computer and add it to the workspace. The AUDIO_TS folder is actually a blank placeholder and is not needed for the process.

Press the "Burn" button. Wait for the progress bar to reach its end. This usually will take up to a few minutes. The ISO file will be created in the destination folder.


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