How to Create Invitation Cards

by Launie Sorrels

Creating invitations can be fun and easy. Microsoft Word has pre-made templates for you to use so you can bring instant life to those invitations you are sending out. Microsoft Word has a set number of templates that are easy to download, and there are many more you can search for on the Internet.

Open Microsoft Word 2007.

Click on the "Office" button in the top left corner.

Choose "New." This opens the new document window, with an assortment of templates you can use.

Select "Invitations." Five different types of invitation are displayed: business, event, party, wedding and other. If what you want is not here, do not fret. At the very top of the window is a search bar. Currently, it reads, "Search Microsoft Office Online for a Template." Type in one or more search words and hit enter. It will pull up what is available online for you to use. For now, we are going to choose business invitations.

Select "Business invitations," and a handful of choices will come up.

Double-click "Seminar invitation." A window pops up warning the user that templates can only be downloaded by customers with legitimate Microsoft Word 2007 licenses.

Click "Continue". Microsoft does a quick verification of your software and downloads the template. You can now alter the template as you see fit.

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