How to Create an iMovie Slideshow

by Contributor

How to Create an iMovie Slideshow. If you are a Mac user, you can share your travel experiences with others, create photo slideshows or organize a presentation by creating an iMovie slideshow. All you need is some creativity and an iPhoto library full of photos.


Open your iMovie program and click on the "Photos" icon to display your photo library. Unless you have made a slideshow in the past, your library should be empty, so you must move your photos into your iMovie library from iPhoto.


Enter your iPhoto program in a separate window and select the photos you would like to add to your slideshow. Click and drag the photos into the iMovie window. The photos are automatically added to the iMovie photo library. Quit iPhoto after you add all the photos you want and return to iMovie.


Add effects to your photo by clicking on the photo, and then on the desired effect on the toolbar. The photo previews in a small window in the right corner. If you are unhappy with the effect, simply click the reverse button. Click on the photo and move the slider to adjust the size of the photo, or move the second slider to adjust the emphasis of the photo effect.


Place the photos onto the timeline once you are happy with the sizes and effects. Simply drag the pictures into the timeline in the order you would like them to appear. A red line will appear below the photos to show the computers processing progress.


Adjust photo effects once the pictures are placed on the timeline by clicking the photo, applying the effect and clicking "Update." The red line will appear again as the computer processes the application of effect. Apply effects by highlighting the photo or photos you want, selecting the effect and clicking "Update."


Click the "Timeline Viewer" icon. Click and drag on the edges of the photos to determine the how long the photo will show in the slideshow. Click on the "Transitions" icon. Drag the "Cross Dissolve" between each photo to allow the pictures to dissolve into one another between transitions.


Finish your iMovie slideshow by dragging the playhead to the starting point of your timeline. Save your information and press "Play."