How to Create Images

by JonathanHuppert

Computer image files usually are one of three types of file extension formats: .JPG, . GIF or .PNG. JPG images are standard quality and easy to send as an email attachment. GIF images are animated still frames strung together in a single file to form a sort of "movie" displayed sequentially in a single window when opened. PNG image files are the highest quality and require the most hard drive space. Image files are easy and free to create using Windows' default MS Paint program.

How to Create Image Files

The MS Paint application will let you create images in full color.

Turn on your computer and log in to your operating system user account. Click the "Start" button and select "All Programs," then "Accessories" from the program menu. Click the "Paint" program icon with your mouse and the application will open instantly on your computer.

Draw an image you like in MS Paint.

Determine whether you wish to create an image in MS Paint using your mouse and the available color and brush tools or if you have an outside source, such as the Internet or a hard-drive folder, to acquire the image. If your image is elsewhere, right-click the image and select "Copy," then "Paste" into the application. When you "Paste" the image, there are no file size limitations. You easily can re-size your image by dragging its edges. If you are not importing an image, use MS Paint's tools to create an image.


Make the final finishing touches to your drawing or image and click "File" at the top of the MS Paint application. Then select "Save As" and a new dialog box will appear within MS Paint. Select a file format depending on your intended use for the image file--emailing a .JPG, animating a .GIF or archiving a high-quality .PNG image--and give your image a title, then click "Save." Your image will be created instantly on your computer's hard-drive. You can view or edit the image at any time within the Paint application.

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