How to Create an ISO Image From a TAR Standard Out

By Stephen Lilley

A TAR is a type of archived computer file used on the Ubuntu Linux operating system. It is similar in concept to the ZIP file in Windows, only the format is mainly used in the installation of software. If you'd like to create an ISO disc image file from a standard TAR file that exists on your computer, you can use a program called Brasero Disc Burning that comes already installed the first time you boot up your Ubuntu computer.

Click "Applications."

Click "Sound and Video."

Click "Brasero Disc Burning."

Click "Data Project" to create a new blank data project in the main Brasero Disc Burning window. Click on the TAR file from your Ubuntu computer and drag it into the Brasero window to add it to the soon-to-be-burned archive.

Click "Burn." Select "Image File" from the drop-down menu and click on "Burn" to create a brand new ISO image file from your TAR file on your Ubuntu computer.