How to Create Hyperlinks in WordPerfect

By Contributor

Updated December 12, 2019

Hyperlinks allow you to tie into a website with a word or sentence which can make your document more informative and interactive. When you set a text with a link, clicking on the text will allow your readers to launch a Web page containing the link you specified. Hyperlinks can be created in WordPerfect although the steps may not be similar to the steps in creating links in Word documents. Being familiar with WordPerfect will allow you to work easier with this alternative word processor and finish your document faster.

Go to the Web address that you want to link with your WordPerfect document. Copy the site's URL by highlight the address and clicking on "CTRL+C." If you are creating multiple hyperlinks, it may help to create a list of the Web addresses in a separate document which you can then refer to as you link each text.

Highlight the text that you want to set up with a link. You must be careful in selecting this text because later on, readers will be able to click on this text to go to the link. You may use a letter, word, phrase or sentence of your liking. Highlight the appropriate text depending on your needs. Highlighting a word or a couple of words will make your links and document look cleaner.

Click the "Tools" menu, then choose "Hyperlink" from the drop-down menu. The "Hyperlink Properties" box will pop up. This box will allow you to input your link. Click the "Browse Web" button to the right of the box. Add the site's URL to the "Document/Macro" text box. Click "OK." Your text will transform into blue and be underlined, which signifies an active hyperlink. Repeat as needed throughout the document.

Right-click on the hyperlink, click "Edit" and select "Activate Hyperlinks." Some hyperlinks may be turned off, and this step ensures that hyperlinks are active. Click on a hyperlink and a browser window will launch the link. You may find yourself having to check if all hyperlinks are activated in a finished document when you're ready to submit it.

Right-click any hyperlink, select "Edit" and deselect the "Activate Hyperlinks" option to deactivate hyperlinks. There may be times when you need to deactivate hyperlinks to keep from clicking a link and immediately launching an application. Deactivate hyperlinks depending on your needs. You may also deactivate all hyperlinks by clicking "Tools," "Settings," then clicking on the "Hyperlinks" icon. Deselect "Activate Hyperlinks" then click "OK."