How to Create Hearts in Windows Word (4 Steps)

By Travis Larson

Microsoft Word includes a set of features that can help you make your documents more appealing. One of these features is a collection of shapes that you can insert in your documents. Use this feature to add hearts of various sizes and colors, then wrap text around the shapes or place them behind the text.

Step 1

Open your document in Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab, then click the "Shapes" drop-down menu and select the heart shape from the Basic Shapes section.

Step 3

Place the cursor on the spot in the document where you want to place the heart shape. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to draw the heart. Release the button when the heart is the correct size.

Step 4

Click the "Format" tab to view a list of style options that you can use to change the heart's color, add shadow effects and make other changes. For example, to change the color, select the "Shape Fill" drop-down menu and select a new color.