How to Create a Guest Email Account

By Justin Wash

Creating a guest email account can be a rewarding venture within a small business. A guest account should allow your employees and other outside entities to view incoming mail and respond to it only after approval by you or another supervisor. Boost your customer service productivity by creating a guest email account for your employees.

Open your Internet browser and navigate to Google's home page. In the top-left corner of your screen click "Mail." The browser will take you to Google's email system.

Below the login input box, you will see a "Create An Account" button. Clicking this button will bring you to the registration page. Enter the information required and give your guest account a login name and password.

Return to the login page and log in to your business or personal account. This should be the account that mail is delivered to regularly.

Click "Settings" in the top-right corner of the screen to open the Gmail settings tab. Click "Forwarding/POP/IMAP." Under the forwarding tab there is a check box and input box titled "Forward a copy of incoming mail to and..." Enter the guest account's email address in the blank, and use the drop-down menu to tell Gmail whether forwarded messages should be kept or erased.

To test the guest account, send yourself a message using "Compose Mail." Log in to the guest account and reply to the email that is forwarded. Your main email account should receive the reply.