How to Create a Group Mailing List in Mac

by Amy Marie

When you want to email the same message to more than one person, a group mailing list makes it easier by allowing you to send a message everyone in one step. On the Mac, the Mail and Address Book applications are tightly integrated and work together to provide the group mailing list feature. You create the group mailing list in the Address Book application. Then, when you want to send a message to the group, you write your message in the Mail application and retrieve the mailing list from the Address Book.

Create a Group Mailing List

Launch the Address Book application.

Create a new group by clicking on the plus symbol at the bottom of the group column.

Enter a name for the new group and press return. When you create the new group, Address Book gives it the name "untitled group." Because that is not an informative name, Address Book highlights it so you can just start typing to rename the group. When you press return to complete the renaming process, the new group remains selected so you can start adding new contacts to the list.

Create new contacts for the group mailing list by clicking on the plus symbol at the bottom of the name column and entering the contact details. Repeat for each contact you want to add to the group mailing list.

Add existing contacts to the group mailing list by clicking "All" in the group column. Drag existing contacts from the name column and drop them on top of the new mailing list in the group column.

Send an Email to a Group Mailing List

Launch the Mail application.

Create a new email message by clicking on the "New" button.

Click on the "Address Book" icon in the message toolbar.

Find the mailing list in the group column and drag it onto the "To:" field in the message.

Click on the "Send" icon in the message toolbar to email the message to everyone in the group.

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