How to Create a Free Greeting Card

by Kahlie Richards

A greeting card contains a special message expressing the thoughts and emotions of the sender for the receiver. It is a form of communication that makes someone feel loved and appreciated. Greeting cards are usually sent or given during particular occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other holidays. Hallmark is one of the largest companies producing greeting cards worldwide. There are also some people who choose to create their own greeting cards for free to make them unique and special.

Open your Web browser and go to a website where you can create a free printable greeting card, such as or Once there, click "Greeting Cards" and "Ready? Click here to begin" links or browse the different categories of printable greeting cards.

Select the type of card you want to create. If prompted, choose the theme and color printing preference. Always click "Next" or "Continue" button to proceed to the next page.

Put an image on the front of the card by choosing the picture you like. If given an option, add a photo from your computer by clicking the image button in the tool box. Select a photo file from your hard drive and click "Open". You can also add text by clicking "Text" button. When finished, select the page number you want to edit or click "Next" or "Continue" button.

Type your message in the text box provided. Use the arrows next to the text box to change the text size, placement and rotation. You can also change font color, style and alignment when the text box is still selected. Click on the "X" button if you want to delete the text. If necessary, go to "Tips for formatting your message" link to have an idea on how to type your text. Click "Next" or "Continue" link or select the page number you want to edit.

Click "Here to Preview" link to see how exactly the card will look like. If needed, click the "Back Arrow" button of your browser to go back to the previous page(s). Then click "Next Step" to go to the next page. When done customizing your greeting card, click "Create Card" or "Print" button.

Put the paper or cardboard you will use to print the greeting card into the printer and turn on your printer. Select the size of desired print and click "Print" link. When done printing, the outer side of the card, click "Next" button. Follow the printer animation and instruction when putting back the same paper or cardboard into the printer to print the inner side of the card. Click "Next" and "Print" buttons to start the printing. Click "OK" when done printing both sides of the greeting card. You can also use a different printing process by going to "File" link. Select "Print Preview" to see how the greeting card will be printed. Set your print settings according to your preference for the size of the greeting card (scale percentage), printer to be used, print range and number of copies. Click "OK" to start the printing. Choose the printing process you prefer. Cut the card edges and fold the greeting card.

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