How to Create Graphs in Excel with Multiple Columns

By Emma Hurley

Spreadsheets are grids containing information in rows and columns.
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Spreadsheets are a way of arranging and analyzing numerical data. Once the raw data has been organized, it can be turned into charts with a few clicks. A graph can summarize large amounts of information and demonstrate trends instantly. A stacked chart shows each series divided into multiple columns and can be displayed numerically or in percentages. The most commonly used stacked chart is a column; for this example a 2-D stacked chart will be used.

Step 1

Enter the data for the desired chart into an Excel spreadsheet. Title any columns or rows as required.

Step 2

Highlight all data you wish to include in the chart. To highlight cells, click your mouse, and while holding down, drag it to include all desired information.

Step 3

Click the "Insert" tab, and in the charts group, click "Column." Select the 2-D stacked column chart and it will be generated automatically.

Step 4

Edit the layout and style of the chart, label the various components and edit the size of the chart by clicking on the chart to generate a chart tools tab with three sub-tabs of design, layout and format.

Step 5

Save your work by clicking "File" then "Save As" and a window pops up. Insert a name for the file and click "Save."