How to create a LINE GRAPH in Microsoft Excel 2007

by braniac

Sometimes, a line graph is necessary. But they are used seldom that you forget how to make them. Here's a simple tutorial that will refresh your memory.

First, enter the data to be displayed in the line graph. Be sure to enter the data in column format. Be sure to include the name of each row and column of data. If you forget these, the data on the graph will not be notated.

Now, highlight the data to be included in the line graph. This can be done by using either the keyboard to the mouse.

There are several ribbon tabs at the top. Click on the one that says INSERT. Then, click on the LINE icon. It is located just to the right of the Column tab and just to the left of the Pie tab. Once you click on it, a drop down box will appear with the different styles of line graphs available.

Items you will need