How to Create a Google Calendar

by Sarah Morse

Google Calendar offers its users a chance to organize themselves. With it, you can share your schedule with other Google calendar users, set up customizable reminders and send invitations to calendar events as well as track RSVPs. You can also sync your calendar from Google Calendar to your mobile phone or from your phone to the Google calendar. Creating a calendar on Google and linking it to your email can solve any organizational problems you may have.

Obtain a Google user name or email address if you do not already have one. To do this, navigate to and click on "Sign in." Click on "Create an account now" and send the requisite information.

Sign in with your Google name. Once you click "sign in," the website will direct you back to the Google home page.

Click on the "more" link on the top of the Google home page and navigate to "Calendar." A blank calendar will show up with holidays marked by Google.

Note important events on the calendar by finding the day and clicking and dragging your mouse from the time the event begins until the time it ends. This officially creates events in the calendar. Fill in identifying information and edit any event details you wish to remember.

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