How to Create Forms in Office Word 2008

By Caroline Jackson

To create forms in Office Word 2008, you use the Forms toolbar. This toolbar contains options for making three basic types of forms: text forms, check-box forms and drop-down forms. If you're creating a form that requires a typed answer -- for example, one that asks for a name and has a field to fill in -- use a text form. If your form requires choosing among multiple options, choose a check-box form. The drop-down form features a menu that pulls down to reveal its list of options. You can also incorporate all three form types into one long document.

Start Microsoft Office Word 2008.

Click "View" in the menu bar.

Place your cursor over "Toolbars" to open a submenu.

Click "Forms" to open the floating Forms toolbar. This toolbar contains all of the options necessary to create forms in Office Word 2008 documents.

Position your cursor in the desired spot to create a text box for your form. Click the "Text Form Field." Double-click the text form box to modify options such as the text type and length.

Click the "Check Box Form Field" to create a check box for your form. Double-click the check box to modify its size and option options.

Click the "Drop-down Form Field" icon to insert a drop-down menu. Double-click the menu to add help text and items to the form.