How to Create Folders for iPad Emails

By Andrew Tennyson

Create new folders in the native Mail app on your iPad to keep your emails organized. Email folders are not the same as the folders you create on one of your Home screens. Instead, take advantage of the New Mailbox feature found directly in the Mail app to create new email folders.

Creating a New Email Folder

Tap the Mail icon to open the app. If the Mail app loads directly to your Inbox, tap the Back icon to return to the Mailboxes menu.

i Image courtesy of Apple

If you have more than one email account, select one from the Accounts section. Tap the Edit link located next to the Mailboxes header in the top corner of the Mail app.

i Image courtesy of Apple

Tap the New Mailbox link located at the bottom of the left column to create a new folder.

i Image courtesy of Apple

Tap the arrow next to the Mailbox you chose and select the location where you want to place the new folder. You can create it as a top-level folder or you can create it as sub-folder within an existing folder.

i Image courtesy of Apple

Tap the Name field, enter an identifying name for the folder, tap Save and then tap Done to finish creating the new folder.

Moving Emails Between Folders

After you create new folders to organize emails on your iPad, moving messages between folders is a snap.

Tap the message you want to move to display its contents in the preview window on the right of the Mail app.

i Image courtesy of Apple

Tap the Folder icon located in the top-right corner of the window.

i Image courtesy of Apple

Touch the folder into which you want to move the message. Folders are listed alphabetically in the left column. Depending on the number of folders you have, you may have to scroll down to view them all.