How to Create a Folder on a Web Page (6 Steps)

by Brandy Alexander
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You can enhance your webpages by placing icons, such as folder images, on your display to call attention to a link or section that you do not want your visitors to miss. You can also use this image to represent an archive where other files or documents that your viewers might want to see can be found. Using a digital image and a couple of HTML tags, you can create a folder on your webpage to enhance your website.

Step 1

Place your folder image on your web host in the same directory that you keep your other webpage files in. Make a note of the location so that you can link it later.

Step 2

Launch your HTML text editor and begin a new page or open an existing one.

Step 3

Locate the area where you want the folder icon to appear and place your mouse cursor in this spot.

Step 4

Insert the folder image by entering the "" tag code that inserts the graphic on your page, and enter the location of your picture. For example:

Step 5

Make the folder a link, if preferred, by placing an opening "" anchor tag before the image source tag, inserting the destination URL address and typing in a closing "" tag after it. For instance:

Save your file and use your browser's "Preview" tool to view the newly created folder on your webpage. If satisfied, place your page on your web host to publish it to the Internet.


  • You can use a folder image from an Internet icon source, but be sure to read the license to make sure you comply with the terms of use.


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