How to Create a Flow Chart in Excel 2007

By Tricia Goss

Excel Flow Chart
i Tricia Goss

Flow charts are valuable illustrations that show the steps of a process without the need for a great deal of wording. Flow charts are an extremely helpful way to explain details quickly, as they combine concise, "bite-size" text with instructive graphics. Microsoft Excel 2007 provides tools and features that simplify the process of creating a flow chart. You can incorporate a flow chart into an existing workbook or create one that is independent of any worksheet.

Step 1

Open an Excel worksheet. Go to the "Insert" tab of the ribbon and click the "Shapes" drop-down arrow. Select the first shape you want to use from the "Flow Chart" shape gallery.

Step 2

Click on the worksheet where you want to place the first shape. Go back to the "Shapes" gallery, click on the next shape you want to use and place it on the worksheet. You can click on a shape, hold down the mouse button and drag it into position as well. Repeat until all the shapes you need are on the worksheet.

Step 3

Go back to the "Shapes" gallery and select the first connector you want to use in the "Lines" gallery. Click on the first shape in the flowchart from where you want the connector line to begin. Click on the second shape where you want the connector line to end. Repeat with the remaining shapes.

Step 4

Right-click the first shape and select "Add Text." Type a brief description for the first step in the process. Repeat with the remaining steps.

Step 5

Go to the "Format" tab and select a color scheme from the "Smart Art" gallery, or apply effects such as "3-D" or beveled lines. Save the worksheet when you are finished.