How to Create a Flash Banner With HTML

By James Highland

Flash banners are a common sight on the Internet.
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Flash banners are animated image files that frequently contain advertisement content. They are a common phenomenon on the Web. Most people have seen countless Flash banners along the tops of Web pages. They are typically short and wide and contain active imagery that loops indefinitely. Creating a Flash banner from scratch requires expertise in computer programming. However, many services exist to allow anyone to customize a Flash banner and insert it into a Web page via HTML. An "embedded" HTML code is given to the user, who then integrates this with a page's additional HTML content. The process is fairly straightforward. Some services are free. More attractive banners produced in this way cost a fee.

Visit the free Flash banner generation service at The site allows users to create Flash banners in two sizes for integration on their own Web pages. The service provides a variety of pre-built Flash banner designs that may be customized with any text the user desires. In addition to the different graphic backgrounds among the banner types, the customized text can either blink, scroll or fade in using animated effects. The user simply chooses a banner from the list, then enters the desired text, colors and the URL to which the banner links, and then the embed code is displayed on-screen. This code is easily copied and pasted into any HTML page using a standard text editor. The HTML Web page will then display a Flash banner.

Create a Flash banner at The process is quick and most users can have their Flash banner created within minutes or less. The 123-banner service is free. Many templates are provided, including banners that play sound in addition to graphic animation. In addition to conventional Flash banner layouts, the service provides "skyscraper"-format Flash banners as well. These are shaped to run vertically along the side of a page, rather than across the top of a page. Users can upload their own images to incorporate in the banners as well. Once created, the Flash banner HTML code is provided for you to insert into a Web page.

Purchase a more professional customized Flash banner from and see what a difference $30 makes. This service offers a free demo for anyone considering their design packages. As with other online Flash banner creation sites, Flash Banner Now provides an easy interactive interface for users to create their own Flash banner in moments. It is the quality of Flash banner products the system creates that sets Flash Banner Now away from the many free services available. These banners will sport your text in particularly professional animations that will capture the eye of many site visitors. Add the HTML code from Flash Banner Now to any Web page for immediate display.