How to Create Fillable Word Forms

By Sara Tetreault

You can create fillable forms for a myriad of uses, such as surveys, job and college applications, and various other documents that you might use to collect information. The steps for creating a form in Microsoft Word are easy to remember and do not require in-depth knowledge of other aspects of the program.

To create a new document, select "New" from the "MS Office" button.

Click on "My Templates" under "Templates" and double click on "Normal" to create a template or document under "Create New."

Save the document by clicking on "Save As." Give the document a name and save it.

Click on "Design Mode" under the "Developer" tab in the "Controls" group. Click on the document where you would like to insert a control.

Insert a field where users can enter text by clicking on "Rich Text" or "Text" and then clicking in the document where you would like to this control to appear.

Insert a text fill in field by clicking "Legacy Tools" and then "Text Form Field" from the "Developer" tab.

In the "Controls" group, choose "Design Mode" and click "Underline" to add a line under the field; click on "Properties" to limit the amount of characters that can be entered into the field.

Insert a drop-down lit by clicking on "Drop-Down List" under the "Developer" tab. Select the content control and in the "Controls" group, click "Properties" under the "Developer" tab. Create a list of choices under the "Drop-Down List Properties" by clicking "Add."

Insert a check box by clicking on "Check Box Form Field" under "Legacy Tools." Click on "Check Box Form Field," type a space and begin typing a label.