How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for a Client Then Transfer Rights

By James Wright

Pages are useful for collaborating and interacting with followers.
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Facebook pages can be used for all sorts of purposes, such as providing a place where businesses can interact with their followers. Thanks to Facebook's ability to create new administrators for each page, you can create a page for a client, then transfer complete ownership of the page to the client with little hassle.

Create and Edit Page

When creating a page for someone else, the process is the same as if you were making it for yourself. The transferring of ownership can come at any time after the page is already created. Visit Facebook's page creation tool, then work with your client to make sure the name and other information is correct. Upon its creation, you can then edit the minor details, add graphics and any other necessary content.

Invite Client

In order to transfer ownership of the page, your client must first be following the page you created. You can send him a link to the page and ask him to click the "Like" button, or click "Build Audience" and then select "Invite Friends" from the page's admin panel to send an individual request.

Transfer Rights

Once your client is following the page you created for them, you can make her an administrator. All admins have equal rights, so it doesn't matter who created the page or who was the first admin. From the page, click "Edit Page," then click "Manage Admin Roles." Next to your name will be a blank space where you can type the name or email address of another person. Start typing in the name of your client, then select her name when it comes up. Make sure the title below her name says "Manager," then click "Save" to save the changes. From here you can remove your own status as an admin or ask your client to do it for you.


Be cautious when promoting anyone to page admin. Since admins all have equal rights, a new admin can delete other admins, modify all content and even delete the whole page. There are many different levels of authority you can select for people you want to act as staff on your page, so consider choosing a category that is not an admin depending on what duties you want your staff to perform.