How to Create an Excel Table

by Emily Beach

Excel is a software program used for creating spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be used to organize data and perform calculations. Excel includes a feature that allows you to create tables within your worksheet. These tables can be used to modify, format or perform calculations that will effect only the cells you have included in your table. The following steps will show you how to easily create your own tables in Excel.

Turn on your computer and open the "Excel" program.

Open the workbook that you'd like to use. You can create your table in an existing workbook or you can create a new workbook. If you want to create a new workbook, simply click on "File" then "New" in the menu along the top of your screen.

Select the cells you wish to include in your table. You can select these cells by holding down your left mouse button and moving your mouse over the cells you want to include.

Create your table by clicking "Insert" then "Table." Your table is now complete, and you can sort or calculate data in the table separately from data that is not in the table.

Format your table. Once you have created your table, you can click on "Table Tools" to format or edit your table the same way you would format a typical spreadsheet.


  • check Instead of using the file menu to create your table once your cells have been selected, you can use a shortcut by holding down the "Control" button and the "T" key at the same time.


  • close If you make any mistakes while creating a table or performing any any tasks in Excel, use the "Undo" function to fix your mistake.

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