How to Create an Email HTML Newsletter for Gmail

by braniac

Ever wanted to create an email HTML newsletter that you can send through Gmail? Here are step-by-step instructions to make it as easy as possible!

First, decide what you want your email newsletter to contain. If it has text, pictures and/or hyperlinks, it will work perfectly as a HTML newsletter!

Download a free copy of Mozilla's Thunderbird application. It doesn't come with anything attached, and I don't get any incentive for recommending it. Follow the instructions to install it and link your Gmail account.

Start drafting your newsletter! In Thunderbird, go to File > New > Message. Type in your text as you normally would in Microsoft Word or any other program. You can use Thunderbird's formatting tools to make it look exactly the way you want it!

If you'd like to add a picture, go to Insert > Images. Find the image you want and choose it. Then, you can change the size, alignment, etc with Thunderbird's tools.

If you want a hyperlink, highlight the text you'd like to make a link out of. Then, go to Insert > Link. Insert the web address you'd like to link to. You might want to test the links to make sure they work.

Once you have a newsletter you love, you're almost finished! Thunderbird will not have your Gmail contacts imported. You can either import them using a csv file (a little more complicated) or send the email to your Gmail account and then forward it to your email list. You'll have to remove any signs of forwarding, including the FWD: symbol and the header.

Click send and you've got an HTML newsletter sent to your contacts!

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