How to Create an Email Footer

by Amy Scott
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An email footer, also known as an email signature, can be set to appear at the end of every email you write. This can save time, personalize your emails, or provide recipients with information. Popular uses for the email signature are to add a closing, business contact information, or a quote. Adding a signature to your emails is simple and only takes a few minutes to do.

Step 1

Open your email account in your Internet browser or email program.

Step 2

Look for a menu or button marked "Options" or "Settings". This is usually found near the top of your screen. In Gmail, click the gear icon and then click "Mail Settings" in the drop-down menu. In Hotmail, click "Options" for a drop-down menu and then click "More options..." In Yahoo, click "Options" and then click "More Options" in the drop-down menu. In Outlook, click "Tools" and then "Options."

Find the section where you can customize your email signature. In this section, turn on the email signature option, type the footer you want to appear on your emails and click "Save."


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