How to Create Email Cards With Monk-e-Mail (5 Steps)

By Victoria Bailey

Make amusing monkey email cards.
i chimpanzee thinking image by Xavier MARCHANT from

Monk-e-Mail is CareerBuilder's new animated email card program. You can dress up a lifelike chimp or ape, choose a message and send it in an email. The text-to-speech program will deliver your words spoken in one of four voices. The monkeys are constantly moving and very realistic, giving an amusing effect to the ecard. The program is very quick, and free for all to enjoy.

Step 1

Go to the CareerBuilder Monk-e-Mail website. You will see the entire card making page all at once.

Step 2

Choose your monkey to build your card around. You have a choice between The Boss, The Co-Worker and The Receptionist.

Step 3

Decorate your monkey. Pick his or her outfit. Each monkey has a different set of clothes from which you can choose. Decide on different hats, glasses, shirts and items for your monkey to hold. Pick your background for the monkey, from a plane seat to a baseball stadium.

Step 4

Give your monkey a voice. Either use one of the prerecorded messages, use the text-to-speech program to create a message, or record your own message using either a telephone or computer microphone. Test out your monkey and watch as he speaks your message, moving his mouth along with the words.

Step 5

Fill out your friend's email address and send your Monk-e-Mail card to her. Post about this card automatically to Twitter, if you like, by clicking on a button on the email page.