How to Create Email Association in Windows 7

By Matthew Burley

Windows 7 features a "Default Programs" utility in which you can set the programs that are used to open particular files or protocols. In addition, a program can be set to open all files with which it is compatible. Since you can theoretically have more than one program capable of opening the same or similar files, such as email files, it is necessary to set email associations. This ensures that any email activity is performed by the program of your choice.

Click "Start," then "Default Programs."

Click the blue "Set your default programs" link in the center of the window.

Click your desired email program in the left column under "Programs."

Click "Set this program as default," then click "OK." This will return you to the "Default Programs" window.

Click "Associate a file type or protocol with a program."

Scroll to an email file extension, such as .eml or .pst, for which you want to establish an association and click the file extension to highlight it in blue.

Click "Change program," the select your email program and click "OK."