How to Create an Email Address List

by Larry Amon

An email address list allows you to simply type in the list name and all of the email addresses will then be included in the email. The list can include hundreds or more addresses, saving you a lot of time, and it can also keep others from seeing every name on the list. You can create one or many email address lists for all of your different groups that you want to send emails to.

Open your email reader. Email readers like Outlook, Thunderbird and others have the ability to create address books and email address lists.

Open the address book feature in the email reader. This is probably a button, but might also be listed in a menu.

Look for the button or menu to create a list. This will open a window that lets you give the list a full name, nickname and a list for email addresses. The full name is what will appear in the email. The nickname is all you have to type to get the list to appear in your email. Add as many email addresses as you want to include in the list.

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