How to Create a Domain Name

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When you create a website, you need a unique domain name that says something about the site and is easy to remember. Because many domain names are already taken, finding the right one for your site can be a challenge. Fortunately, domain name generators exist to help you narrow down your choices and find just the right domain name.


Navigate to and sign up for free to access the site's database of more than 20 million domain name choices. Enter some key words into the What Kind of a Name Are You Looking For? field, or click the "Find available domains" link to see random available domain names. You can also adjust the parameters to narrow the search to the number of letters, prefix, suffix and extension you want. Then let the site do the work for you.


Visit and enter a keyword into the field. Select your extension and category, and start your search. The site will come up with a list of available domain names that fit your criteria.


Go to and enter a primary word and optionally a secondary word for a possible domain name. Check the boxes to allow hyphens and to rhyme if you want, and click "Go nameboy go!." The site will list available domain names and extensions.

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