How to Create One Document in PDF From Separate Documents

By Cheryl Washington

Adobe Acrobat allows you to group multiple files and convert them to one PDF document. For instance, you can group all the files from a client engagement that includes Word documents, PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets into a single PDF.

Step 1

With Adobe Acrobat open, click on "File" and scroll down to "Create PDF."

Step 2

Click on the "From Multiple Files" option.

Step 3

Browse and select the files you wish to add to the PDF, and click "Add Files."

Step 4

Click "Next."

Step 5

In the "Combine Files" dialog box, use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to change the order of the files.

Step 6

Select the "Merge Files into a Single PDF" button.

Step 7

Click "Create."

Step 8

Once the merge is complete, give the file a name, select a location and click "Save."