How to Create Division Formulas in Cells in Microsoft Excel 2003

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In this fast-paced and constantly moving world, many people find themselves short on time when it comes to balancing their daily budget and keeping track of their finances. This is where spreadsheet software comes in handy. This software allows you to easily track your expenses by creating simple spreadsheets that can contain all sorts of formulas to do the short math for you.

Choose the cells you wish to divide. Make sure the cells contain divisible dates.

Select a cell that will contain the formula. Pick an empty cell and left-click on it to activate and select it.

Create the division formula. In the blank cell, you will create a sum formula. The formula will have to include the cell you wish to divide and the cell that contains that division integer. A division formula for two cells would read like this: =Sum (D1/D2). This tells the spreadsheet to take the data contained in cell D1 and divide it by the data contained in cell D2. The program will place the results of the division operation into the blank cell in which you created the formula.

Implement the division formula. Once you are done entering the division formula, simply click on the "Enter" key, and the formula will be implemented within your spreadsheet.


  • check You can create as many division formulas in a spreadsheet as you want.


  • close If you create a division formula in a cell that already contains another formula, it will replace the old formula with the new one.

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