How to Create a Digital Yearbook

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Everything is going digital these days, so why not make a digital yearbook? Digital pictures demonstrate much higher quality and you have more control in creating the book. Plus you can preview it online before ordering. Follow these steps to create your digital yearbook.

Contact the yearbook studio for a photo shoot. Lifetouch is a company that does photos and yearbooks. They can be reached at (800) 736-3035.

Log on to the website of the digital yearbook company. Lifetouch's website is Search for the digital yearbook link. LifeTouch's link appears in the bottom left corner of the page, titled "Rethink Your Yearbook."

Look at previous yearbooks for ideas on what you would like to include in your yearbook. You also can get an idea of what doesn't work.

Check the school calendar for upcoming activities or events that you may want to include in the yearbook. If you start early in the year, you will have more time to research these activities. However, you may also forget to include some important upcoming events. The school calendar is a good resource to use as a checklist.

Upload the templates you will use to create your digital yearbook. Drag and drop the templates onto your page. Arrange the templates as you want them to appear in your yearbook.

Drag and drop the digital photographs onto to your pages. Crop and resize to create the look you're going for.

Enhance your photographs. They can be converted to sepia tone or gray scale. You can also change the shapes of the photos. When you are done, place your order.

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