How to Create Digital Certificates

by Launie Sorrels

Digital certificates are usually purchased through a certificate authority. These authorities are generally considered to be trusted third parties. A certificate you create yourself is considered to be unauthenticated and will trigger security alerts to machines that do not have your primary key installed. Self-created certificates are widely used on in-house computer networks that require software development implementation.

Click on the "Start" menu.

Select the "All Programs" option for Windows Vista and XP. If you are running Windows 2000, select the "Programs" option.

Select the "Microsoft Office" folder, then "Microsoft Office Tools" for Windows Vista. Go directly to "Microsoft Office Tools" if you are running Windows XP or 2000 operating systems.

Click "Digital Certificate for VBA Projects." The "Create Digital Certificate" window will open.

Type the name of the certificate in the "Your Certificates Name:" text box.

Click "OK."


  • check In rare cases, the required SelfCert.exe file will not be installed on your computer. To install the file follow the reference link at the end of this article.


  • close The difficulty level for this article is set to low, because the actual process is easy. However, understanding the principles behind certificate authentication and its uses is more complicated.

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