How to Create a Diet Blog

by Contributor

When you're working to lose weight, sometimes you need a place to organize your thoughts and feelings as well as track your progress on a daily and weekly basis. Diet blogs or journals are a great tool, allowing you to share your progress with others and get feedback and motivation. Follow the steps to create your own diet blog.

Browse web log and journal hosting sites such as or find sites made specifically for diet blogs such as Most sites are free, but ones such as charge for their offer of a community of help and information related to your health and fitness program.

Create an account at the site of your choice, following the prompts at the "sign up" page. Set up your blog using templates and fill out the profiles to make it your own.

Post to your blog as often as you want. Write daily to track your progress. Be as specific as you can to show bad or good patterns and find where you can improve.

Discuss food intake, weight, pounds and inches lost and daily feelings. Specify how your diet is working, what you might want to change and give any insights that may help you or someone else later.

Password protect or make private any entries you don't wish to show by changing your blog options. You have the right to keep your information and words as private as you choose, even in a public blog.

Read other blogs for ideas and motivation. Comment on other pages and answer comments to your own posts. Blogging is as much about sharing as it is about writing.