How to Create a Data File

by Maureen Bruen
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To create a data file you need software for creating ASCII, text, or plain text files. Most data files are in the format of a flat file or text file (also called ASCII or plain text). Data files can have several formats. The format you choose for a data file is directly related to the software reading the data file. The data can be delimited by a space, tab or comma or it can have no delimiters at all. Find out the best data file format for the software reading the data file before you create it.

Step 1

Identify the software reading your data file and determine the best data file format to use. Microsoft Excel will be reading a space delimited data file in this example.

Step 2

Click "Start > All Programs > Accessories", then select "Notepad." This will open Notepad, a text editor.

Step 3

Type in, burger meat fast, and hit the "Enter" key. Type in, lettuce vegetable whole, and hit the "Enter" key again.

Step 4

Click "File" then "Save" and type the name of your data file in the "File name:" section of the "Save As" dialog box.

Click "Save" and now you have a space delimited data file with three fields, food, type, and food industry.

Items you will need

  • Notepad or any text editor

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