How to Create Custom Reports in Access

By Editorial Team

You can create custom reports in Access via the Report Tool.
i Marcy Maloy/Lifesize/Getty Images

Microsoft Access allows users to create customizable reports that expand on the templates already provided in the program. You can do things such as add a calendar to a finished report or insert a text box to spruce up a document. Access also gives you the chance to bring together data from more than one table. If you understand how to use the Report Tool feature in Access, you can create custom reports in Access with little effort.

Launch Microsoft Access. Find the query or the table that has the information from which you desire to create your custom report. To accomplish this task, go to the Navigation Pane located on the right-hand portion of your screen. Then, choose the query or table item with which you want to work.

Click on the "Create" option. Click your mouse on "Report" under "Reports." This allows you to see the contents of your report.

Click "Custom." Then, click "Select" and "New" under "Custom Reports." Click "Monthly Calendar" and "Enter."

Store the report you just created. Click the "Office" feature and select the "Save" option. Give your report a title and click the "Enter" key on your computer.