How to Create a CSV That Includes a Hyperlink

By Breann Kanobi

Files that use the .csv format consist of tabular data, or information displayed in the form of tables. Though CSV files typically consist of data tables and numbers, they can include text and hyperlinks. To add a URL to a CSV file, use the appropriate tags. CSV files can be viewed using a CSV creating program or a new window in your Web browser.

Open your CSV-editing program. Possible programs include TextEdit, Excel and OpenOffice. Click on the "File" menu and scroll to "New" or "Open." If you wish to open an existing CSV file, highlight it and press "OK."

Add values and tags to the list as desired. Write the value, a comma, then the next value. For example, create a table that consists of 3, 4 and 5 by writing "3,4,5."

Write the tag "[[hyperlink URL." This tells the program that the entered text is a URL.

Include the link. Write the tag "link=" and paste the exact URL. Thus far, the link table should read "[[hyperlink URL link"

Add the "Display" command, if desired. For example, write "display=Hyperlink" to add the text "Hyperlink" to the table.

Close the hyperlink command by writing "]]." The entire hyperlink command should read "[[hyperlink URL link display=Hyperlink]]."