How to Create a Fax Cover Sheet Template in WordPad

by Vera Leigh

If you have the word processing program WordPad on your computer, you can create a fax cover sheet template that you can save and print for faxing reports, job applications and other documents. You can print out copies of your fax cover sheets, and keep them in a stack beside your fax machine. Simply open your WordPad document and re-print when you run out.

Open a new WordPad document. To do this, click on your "Start" menu. Then click "All Programs" and "Accessories." You will find "WordPad" in the "Accessories" menu. Click on the "WordPad" label, and a new document will open on your screen.

Press the arrow on the font size drop-down menu, and click "48." Type "FAX" in all capitals. Move the font size back to "12," and press "Return" three times.

Type "To:" and tab 10 times. Type "From:" and press "Return."

Type "Fax:" and tab 10 times. Type "Pages:" and press "Return."

Type "Phone:" and tab nine times. Type "Date:" and press "Return."

Type "Urgent" and tab three times. Type "For Review" and tab three times. Type "Please Reply" and tab three times.

Save and print your fax cover sheet template.

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