How to Create a Comcast Web Page

By Louise Balle

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Comcast, a cable and communications company that serves more than 23 million customers, offers a free service you can use to create a personal website. You must have a Comcast high-speed Internet account to gain access to the service, however. Comcast customers can create a personal web page that takes up 25 megabytes of space on Comcast's web server.

Step 1

Go to and log into the system with your Comcast username and password. (This is assigned when you first register for the service.) If you log into your Comcast email account first, you may be asked to log in once more to verify your identity. This will bring up your "Personal Web Pages" dashboard.

Step 2

Click the "Create & Edit Pages" tab. Your default web page (the home page) will show. Click "Default Page" to create and edit your home page. There is an HTML editor on the page where you can write your website code (see "Resources" for HTML help).

Step 3

Choose the option to create a new page next. (This is optional.) Type in the name or title of your new web page. Repeat this for each additional page that you want to appear on your site.

Step 4

Click "Change Site Theme" to select the background and format for your site. Comcast calls this the "Look & Feel." Choose the theme that you like, preferably one that goes with your site's topic, and click "Update Theme."

Step 5

Select "Upload & Manage Photos" to create a photo gallery where you can store your photos. Click "Upload Photos" to browse for the images that you want on your site. You can add these photos to your web page by typing the image address (for example ) into the HTML edit box under "Create a New Page" or "My Pages."

Step 6

Choose widgets, which are optional tools that you can add to your site, by clicking the "Select & Configure Widgets" section. You can add polls, calendars, a guest book and even a weather reporting widget to your Comcast page.

Step 7

Manage and upload additional files that you want to use on your web page by selecting the "View & Manage Files" tab.

Step 8

Click the "Home" tab when you're finished editing your new Comcast web page or pages. Select "View My Site" on the main menu.