How to Create a Closing Binder in PDF

By John Granby

Create a binder of PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat.
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A closing binder is most often associated with a legal transaction or some other business arrangement that involves a large number of documents. Rather than printing off physical copies of documents to pass out to each party, an electronic copy of each separate document may be combined into a single binder, which contains each document. Adobe Acrobat provides this capability along with other security features, such as password protection, if this is required.

Step 1

Launch Adobe Acrobat then click File | Create PDF | Merge files into a single PDF.

Step 2

Click "Add Files" and navigate to your files to add files to the binder. Alternately you can add entire folders of documents using the "Add Folders" selection.

Step 3

Organize the order of your files if you need to do so by clicking the filename in the list and clicking the "Move up" or "Move down" button to change its location.

Step 4

Click "Combine Files" to create a single PDF from your document list. Enter the filename you want to use for your binder and click "Save."